Guy Carrying the Dead Body of the Delivery Agent

Guy Carrying the Dead Body of the Delivery Agent He Killed Over iPhone

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Bengaluru: A 20-year-old guy in Karnataka who had purchased an iPhone online and was unable to pay for it is accused of killing the delivery man.

Hemanth Naik, an EKart delivery agent, was fatally wounded by Hemanth Dutt on February 7 at his Hassan district house.

EKart is a division of the online retailer Flipkart.


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Investigations reveal that Dutt kept the victim’s body in a sack at his home for three days before burning it next to a railroad track. According to authorities, he even bought gasoline to burn the body and eliminate any evidence.

Once the victim’s brother Manju Naik reported him missing, the police began an inquiry.

CCTV footage shows Dutt driving a two-wheeler while facing his body towards railroad rails. He was also seen buying petrol in a bottle from a petrol pump two days earlier.

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