Lightning Strikes Building in mumbai

Incredible Video Captures the Moment Lightning Strikes Building

by newsraisers

Heavy rain fell on Mumbai on Thursday evening, disrupting road and train operations in several areas, civic authorities were reported as saying by news agency PTI. Heavy rain fell over Mumbai for the second day in a row. Rain, thunder, and lightning were also seen in the city on Wednesday.

The island city received 30.96 mm of rain in the 24-hour period ending at 8 a.m. on Thursday. Many Mumbai residents tweeted photographs and videos of the rain and lightning, some of which appear frightening.

One of the films depicts a lightning strike in Mumbai’s Borivali West neighbourhood. According to the video’s commentary, the bolt impacted the Neminath Building, but no damage was recorded.

“It surely was scary! Luckily they had installed a lightning rod in the bldg so If the lightning strikes it directly goes to the ground!” said the user who posted the clip on Twitter.

The eight-second footage shows a booming thunderbolt striking the structure. The footage was taken from a nearby building in the neighbourhood.

As the bolt impacts the structure, the individual holding the camera begins to shake.

The heavy rains triggered flooding in Mumbai’s low-lying districts. Some drains were also reported to be overflowing.

The rainstorm impacted train schedules because tracks became flooded.

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