Guy Drives His Vehicle Under a Waterfall, And It Starts Leaking

Video: Guy Drives His Vehicle Under a Waterfall, And It Starts Leaking

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When a digital developer chose to drive his Vehicle under a waterfall on a rocky terrain, he had an awful encounter. Arun Panwar posted a video on Instagram of his Mahindra Scorpio N’s sunroof leaking and water seeping inside the vehicle.

The man in the video claims to have discovered a waterfall while hiking in the hills. The man chose to wash his automobile by the waterfall. Before parking the Vehicle beneath the waterfall, the driver shuts the sunroof.

Water spilled into his car as soon as he parked it, via the sunroof and speakers. It is possible to hear the driver remark,

Yeh mazaak hai bhai (This is a joke).”

“Arrey, yeh kya chal raha hai? (What is happening?),” the man added.


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He hastily drives his vehicle away from the waterfall and double-checks to verify sure the sunroof is closed. The water leaked into the automobile and destroyed the interior.

The video was shared one day ago and has received 4.7 million views on Instagram. A user was shocked by the video and remarked on it. “That’s why I didn’t buy Mahindra cars… (I am happy with my cycle).”

“I have washed my jeep meridian many times like this…but this never happen with my jeep,” another user wrote.

“I think he deliberately left his sunroof slightly open. I tried it too with Scorpio N with not even a drop of leakage,” the third user wrote.

“Brother, no sunroof in the world is waterproof, they have small drainage holes on both left and right, and using too many sunroofs or we can say using sunroofs in India may clog the drainage holes due to which water starts entering the vehicle, unclog that drainage holes and you are good to go,” the fourth user wrote.

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