Video: Man Running Behind Tiger With Mobile Phone

Video: Man Running Behind Tiger With Mobile Phone

by newsraisers

Internet users are outraged after seeing a video of a man racing behind a tiger while holding a cellphone surface on social media. Susanta Nanda, an employee of the Indian Forest Service (IFS), posted the brief video on Twitter on Thursday. The incident in the video is the epitome of what visitors to wildlife refuges should never do when they come across wild animals.

“This has gone viral. for all the incorrect motives. Tiger tourism supports local economies and advances conservation efforts. Such actions by a few idiots are damaging its reputation. Please stop engaging in such reckless behaviour and advise your buddies to exercise common sense while on wildlife safaris “In the post’s caption, Mr. Nanda added.

It is unknown where this undated video is located. With a phone in his hand, a man can be seen in the video tracking a tiger that is only a few hundred metres away. Other visitors can be seen filming and taking pictures of the tiger from the jeep as well.

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