Video: Woman Leaning Over Edge of Victoria Falls

Video: Woman Leaning Over Edge of Victoria Falls

by newsraisers

One of the greatest waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls, is located near the Zambia-Zimbabwe border. A video showing a visitor leaning over the edge of the waterfall has surfaced. It is a well-known tourist activity that only the most courageous tourists can try.

The video has received over 19 million views since it was posted on Twitter by the website Weird and Terrifying. The caption for the video states, “Just learned that standing this close to a 380 feet waterfall is a thing (Devil’s pool – Victoria falls)”

The video has triggered an array of reactions on the internet. A user asked, “PLEASE tell me there are reliable tethers around her ankles! (I suspect there are since the camera doesn’t show her lower legs.”

Another user wrote, “As a person who lives near Yosemite and I must hear about the people who ignore signs for a photo op being swept over the falls to their deaths. The look in their eyes as they frantically search for purchase on the slippery rocks is something you never want to see or remember!”

The third user wrote, “Scares the shit out of me by just looking at it.”

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