Woman Requests ChatGPT to Write "Polite and Firm" Email to Airline

Woman Requests ChatGPT to Write “Polite and Firm” Email to Airline

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The ChatGPT by OpenAI, which was introduced in November of last year, has drawn a lot of interest from all across the world. A complete linguistic tool, the chatbot creates replies to various inquiries.

The bot has prepared us for the upcoming stages of technological progress by working on projects, composing emails, and answering frequently requested questions. During a six-hour flight delay, a woman utilised the AI bot and gave it instructions to send an email to the airline that was “nice but covertly aggressive and strong.”

Cherie Luo posted a video of the fast email the chatbot created on Instagram. “The future is here. What positions will ChatGPT take the place of? “She stated in the post’s caption.


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The video opens with the text insert, “Our flight was delayed six hours. I asked ChatGPT to write an email to the airline.” It then shows the woman’s request. It reads, “Write a polite but passively aggressive and firm email to an airline. My flight was delayed by 6 hours with no updates while we were at the airport. The priority pass lounge did not admit us even after we waited for over 3 hours on their waitlist.”

Soon after, the AI bot begins to compose the email on Ms. Luo’s behalf, expressing “frustration and disappointment.” It’s interesting how it covers every part of the request and expresses hope for future “improvements” in the way the airline handles priority issues for passengers and delays with flights.

The video was first uploaded by Ms. Luo in December, but it is currently gaining popularity on social media. More than 2 million people have seen it and there are more than 54,000 likes. Several users in the comment area referred to ChatGPT as “amazing,” while others termed it “wonderful.”

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